Lana del Rey vs. Nancy Sinatra

It’s been over a week since pouty Internet sensation turned hit single superstar Lana del Rey embarrassed herself with a critically slammed performance on Saturday Night Live. The self-proclaimed "gangster Nancy Sinatra" freaked us out with her strange, low voice and shaky performance. No fear, Lana, hipsters and indie kids love weird vocals shunned by the mainstream (Joanna Newsom, anybody? This linked video was taken by yours truly in 2006). However, calling yourself a “gangster Nancy Sinatra” offends me when you only compare to her with your, sometimes, blonde hair. Maybe when your father is Frank Sinatra and you pose for Playboy at the age of 54 like Nancy, you will live down your SNL performance. Meanwhile, we are all waiting for you to top off "Born to Die"…. (I will admit I love that song, or at least the studio version).

Nancy Sinatra with flowers in her hair vs Lana del Rey with flowers in her hair


Playboy cover of Nancy Sinatra (1995) versus Spex cover of Lana del Rey

Nancy’s go-go style versus Lana’s bad girl swag

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